Why do I photograph weddings?

Husband, friend, teacher... a lover of nature and everything that nature gives us. All this and much more are all the photos I take with my camera - natural, spontaneous, full of love.

I love meeting new people, hanging out, talking... I enjoy long walks, especially with headphones in my ears and a bit of good rock ’&’ roll, punk, sometimes bumps into some acoustics and house in that chaos of a shuffle playlist... or sometimes I like just to lay back and enjoy a good whisky.

I adore all seasons, but still I would single out spring as my favorite (although I'm allergic to pollen and dust, but I adore it anyway).

I don't read the horoscope, but there are some characteristics of Aries that adorn me (stubbornness, without which I wouldn't be where I am today).

The answer to this question is very simple, and I will answer it with a quote from an unknown author:

Don’t count the years, count the memories

With memories we relive events from the past over and over again, we remember friends, relatives, family who are not with us... because after all, all we have left in life are


Things I love

Things I don't love

playing videogames -

watching cartoons -

long walks with good company -

swimming -

a glass of a good whisky -

good coffee -

my dog -

Asian culture -

nature -

- house chores

(but I do clean and I love to cook)

- being alone

- being late

- drama...

- broccoli (yuck...)

- the alphabet in math
(seriously? can't we keep it simple?)

Some random facts about me

My bucket list

1. I'm a primary school teacher (but don't work as one anymore)

2. Broccoli is not the only vegetable I don't like

3. IT freak, I love all the new goodies

4. I love to keep everything as simple as it can be

5. Can't wait to be a dad! (if I get a daughter she will wrap me around her little finger, I'm weak on children...)

6. Anarchist in the soul

7. I come from one of the most beautiful place in Croatia - Lika (but have also a little bit mix of Dalmatia in me)

Accomplish our honeymoon roadtrip around Europe (canceled because COVID...), go to a Bon Jovi concert, live in a skyscraper (16th floor), travel around Asia - Japan, Singapore, Mongolia..., move out from my hometown, drink a coffee in Central Perk - New York, stand on the edge of Cliffs of Moher, buy a Macbook, get married, drive a Mustang ('69), get back to the gym and be fit again, try ramen, complete my TO DO list, make a TO DO list, have a corgi, shoot a 35mm film on my own Nikon F analog camera, have a house in the woods...

How it all began?

I started photography late, sometime on my 22nd birthday, and with all the support that I needed – my wife (girlfriend back then).

Photography was a hobby at first , something to enjoy and to relax me. Shooting macro, landscapes… and then it all came together with my first payed photoshoot – a rock concert! 🎸

Imagine the happiness in my eyes.

Soon after that I met new people and started working at an online news portal as a photo reporter, which I still do and love every second of it! I met so many people, visited so many places, attended so many events… how can you not love it?

Soon came my first wedding, of my dear friends who wanted me to be their photographer and maker of memories.

There I found my passion for shooting people's emotions! I always love seeing those love looks, those smiles, those little nervous moments… it gives me the chills! Not only at your wedding, but I also get them again when I pick and edit your photos!

When that happens, and when you get the same chills looking at the pictures I took, I know I’ve made a good memory.

Thank you for showing trust by choosing me as the person who will make the eternal memories of your wedding. I assure you that I will do my best to make your wedding day the brightest memory in your life. My style of photography is spontaneous and imperceptible, at some moments it will seem to you that I may not be there, but no worries, I always carefully watch for every tear of joy, every hug, look, kiss…

Because YOU and your loved ones are the most important ones that day.

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