Karla & Dominik – A wedding party to be remembered


Karla and Dominik are something you don’t see every day. So much happiness, smiles, love… I mean, WOW! There was COVID, the big earthquake (2 in less than a year), but nothing can’t stop them! Karla is the definition of a smiling face. I didn’t catch a moment of her not smiling. Dominik is one lucky guy, and he knows that.
What a party… I mean, wedding… no… WHAT A WEDDING PARTY! This was what everyone wishes for, what everyone needed in times like this. Young people, friends, family… a DJ and a lot of evergreens (from the ’70-’00 and new hits). Believe me when I say this, I didn’t want this party to ever end.
It was a joy, a pleasure and an honour for me to be the one whom they trusted their love to be captured.

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