Magdalena & Šime – Shy love at Gacka river


Magdalena & Šime told me they are shy and don’t know how to act in front of a camera. I said it was easy as it can be – just pour some rakija and we are good to go 😉

When you look on the gallery image I selected you’re all like “WHAAAT? Shy? Them? No way.” (that’s because you don’t know how rakija connects people 😁 ). Jokes aside, we did have some fine rakija but we didn’t need it at all. After a few minutes the two of them just got into the session, their love was stronger. Boy oh boy how I love people like them 🥰
And did you know they missed the best part to be captured with not telling me their plan? They didn’t told a thing to their parents! They just showed up on their doorstep in a wedding dress and in a suit… I just can imagine the looks on their faces 😆

Aside of that little fact, Magdalena and Šime are awesome people which I had the opportunity to meet and capture their “shy” love. That’s how you elope in style!

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